Dear Valued Stakeholders

Compliments of the new year and best wishes for 2021.

As the country officially enters another lock down today, Medent Safety remains open as an essential service and we are available to assist with your product and service requirements as a distributor of PPE for occupational health and safety and items that assist in the fight against Covid-19.

With this recent Covid-19 resurgence we are receiving a high volume of enquiries on respirators, particularly the 8810disposablerespirator. Given the prevailing shortages, limited allocations received from OEM’s and increased demand on account of there surgence, I implore our clients to ensure they are adequately stocked within the constraints to ensure that their employees are protected. Where disposable respirators are unavailable, I encourage clients to consider the reusable respirator(6300 & 6500 respirator) as a capable alternative which is more readily available.

It is also proper for us to indicate that as of the time of this communication,we have limited information on future supplies as source markets regrettably tend to prioritize their home markets on supplies and protection before exports to Zimbabwe.

Our Business Development Executives remain available to conduct meetings on platforms such as Microsoft Teams where necessary.

As we continue to fight this global pandemic, please remember to wear a mask, wash or sanitize your hands and exercise physical distancing.

Yours sincerely,

Kudzai Gwanzura

Chief Business Development Executive


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