About Us

Medent Safety is a Zimbabwean registered company operating in occupational health and safety, electrical and communications markets. Founded in July 2011, the company is an appointed distributor of 3M products in the outlined categories and enjoys global support in terms of training for both our staff and our clients. During 2015 Medent Safety secured distribution rights for Uvex products; a leading global manufacturer of eyewear, hand and head protection products. This has enhanced the businesses quest to become a broad and professional head to toe supplier of personal protective equipment in Zimbabwe. During 2016 and 2017 we added Makrite and Safety Jogger as supply vendors adding to the range of products that we offer. Medent Safety is a member of The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe.

Occupational Health and Safety

We specialize in offering professional services and products for the workplace including the following:
-Assessment of the work environment for dust fumes and vapors and recommending the appropriate personal protective equipment depending on chemicals used in the work area

-Training on proper use of respirators to ensure optimal results as well as minimization of wastage

-Measurement of noise to determine if noise levels are within the recommended decibels according to number of hours spent in that particular work environment

On the product side we offer the following from 3M and Uvex:
-Maintenance free respirators for dust, mist, welding, nuisance odour and spray paint 
-Replaceable filter gas and vapor combinations 
-Hearing protection e.g. earmuffs and ear plugs 
-Protective eyewear e.g. goggles 
-A variety of specialized gloves to protect against different and varied work situations 
-Quality head gear to protect against head injuries 


To serve the relevant businesses in Zimbabwe by providing world class personal protective equipment and service


To provide workers working in hazardous conditions with personal protective equipment and clothing that reduces exposure to occupational hazards and minimizes the risk of getting occupational health diseases.


To be a valuable supplier to our clients through a personal touch and service


We understand, educate and provide the necessary solutions for our clients


For our clients to trust us with all their product and service requirements

Ethical Compliance

We act in the best interests of all our stakeholders and therefore do not participate in any compromising practices