Social Responsibility

Refurbishment of the Nkankezi Bridge

Medent Safety assisted in the refurbishment of the Nkankezi Bridge which was destroyed by Cyclone Dineo in Insiza district, Matabeleland South. The bridge was one of the major road infrastructure destroyed by the cyclone induced rains and the organization contributed towards its reconstruction as part of its CSR efforts. Then transport minister, Dr Joram Gumbo, thanked partners for providing part of the contributions for the bridge reconstruction.

Pact World PPE Training and Distribution Workshop

Medent Safety participated in the Pact World PPE Training and Distribution Workshop to artisanal gold and small-scale miners in Kwekwe, Shurugwi and Gwanda. Medent Safety conducted a PPE proper use, care and maintenance training where artisanal miners received a refresher following trainings conducted by the Medent Safety team in 2016. These trainings were attended by over 240 people.

Medent Safety partnered with CureChem

Medent Safety partnered with CureChem to conduct a Hazardous Chemical training held in Gweru. The aim of this training was to conduct a HazChem training session on chemical awareness and the appropriate mitigation to the small scale mining sector. Our training emphasized on the use of PPE in mitigation to the handling of hazardous elements, particularly chemicals.

The result of the training were:

• A remarkable change in attitude by the small scale mining sector in appreciating such training sessions on PPE and HazChem identification.
• The people attending the trainings are not the ones directly exposed to hazardous elements but rather on the administrative side. Chances are that, the ones exposed are highly not informed at all about the risk they are taking in their day-to-day operations.
• There is need to try and come up with an outreach program meant for the affected people. It was suggested that, the ones attending trainings to be used as bridges to link CureChem and Medent Safety to the very end-users of PPE.