In both new and existing plant/network installations, 3M electrical products have remained key for success in coming up with robust and reliable electrical installations. The reliability of a plant/system is heavily anchored on the products and equipment used in coming up with the plant as well as maintenance thereof. The higher the reliability of an installation, the more productivity throughput a plant can guarantee. The use of 3M electrical products such as tapes, cable termination and splicing kits for high, medium and low voltage networks drastically reduces not only the cost on preventive maintenance over time, but production downtime and the subsequent labour cost towards overtime for abrupt plant breakdowns. Components and consumables turnover is low hence a cost saving on maintenance. As a safety precaution, all 3M electrical products are fire retarded to mitigate the risk of fire outbreak and the subsequent losses thereof. Such a safety characteristic puts 3M products above the rest on the market owing to the fact that there is a thin line between the possibility of fire outbreak and flow of current in an electrical network and safety against such becomes an important aspect to consider.

It should be noted that, all religious consumers of 3M electrical products are reluctant to switch to competitor brands as the magnitude of deviation in taste and preferences is widely noticeable in the work output. With 3M products, desired results are certain and there is no difference between reality and product specifications on paper.

When are the 3M Electrical Products necessary

3M products find application during the design stage of an installation/network and preventive maintenance schedules for the plant installation/network as a going concern. A plant designer must be so sure on the type and brand of termination & splicing kits and tapes to be used. Engineering and maintenance crews should put on gloves for protection against hand abrasion while carrying out their tasks. To this end, 3M offers the comfort grip tight fit glove which does not minimize precision and feel of work. To provide a wider spectrum of choices for customers to suit various applications, 3M does indoor and outdoor termination and splicing kits. Resistance to moisture penetration for cables buried underground is another important feature to consider when designing and maintaining such cables. Giving in to rainwater and the resulting moisture by jointing kits buried underground has catastrophic consequences and should be avoided at all cost. 3M electrical products come along with a warranty provided customers buy from authorised distributors/channel partners for the warranty to be redeemable.

Training and Proof of Concept

Time and effort can be invested in 3M product training through technical demonstrations by 3M trained experts to achieve proof of concept. This is done free of charge at customer convenience and the evaluation criteria can be agreed before the completion of a customer evaluation form for assessment on performance and effectiveness after trial of the 3M products. The beneficiaries of this process are chiefly new consumers who are not so sure about what exactly the products can offer them in service. This facilitates the making of an informed decision by customers.

Product Range

  • 3M Scotch 1710 PVC electrical insulation tape
  • 3M Scotch 23 self-fusing insulation tape
  • 3M Scotch 27 glass cloth tape
  • 3M Scotchfill electrical insulation putty
  • 3M Scotchcast low voltage resin splicing kits up to 1.1kv
  • 3M 3 Core 11kv cold shrink splicing kits for XLPE cables
  • 3M 3 Core 11kv cold shrink termination kits for XLPE cables
  • 3M transition joints PILC – XLPE
  • 3M comfort grip glove